Food Culture Post! -and you know we like the foodz.

I wanted to take the opportunity to spotlight the blog of a friend of mine- consider this one of my posts pertaining to life outside the universe of books. Beth has been a friend of mine since way back when, and by “way back when,” I am of course referring to the high school marching band days. But we are all grown up now (she more so than I) and finally delving into the deep reaches of the real world. Beth graduated from the U with me with a major in psychology, but you’ll have to check out her blog to know how she threw herself into the foray of baking.

I came to know Beth’s exemplary baking prowess while we lived as roommates for a couple years during college. There was always some sort of baked good sitting on our counter: cookies, pies, cakes, torte, brownies, banana bread, more banana bread, muffins, truffles…Oh man, Beth, MAKE MORE TRUFFLES! She would stress bake to get away from homework, and it wasn’t uncommon to see her up at 10pm starting up a batch of bread.

Don't get crumbs in your books!

The blog, titled “Heavenly Buns: The Evolution of a Bakery” follows her adventures in baking, and she bakes all sorts of deliciousness. I find it particularly interesting, because even though I’ve seen about a billion episodes of “Cake Boss” and the like, it always blows my mind to see someone produce beautiful cakes and pastries without the help of industrial grade appliances and new-fangled tools. Beth manages to make this stuff out of the tiny kitchen in her efficiency apartment with ingredients purchased from local stores. I won’t be surprised if someday she has her own cookbook. (I’ll publish it Beth, I swear!)

So, check out the blog, You can also find it by clicking on the link under “solitarysumire recommends” on the right.


P.S. I made these muffins out of a box, and they were tasty, yet nothing like a Beth-made muffin. Beth, will you please make me some more muffins?



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