Uglies will hit the big screen, and the Crims get their own Manga!

So much win for Scott Westerfeld this summer! In a recent post, I oogled over his next book, Goliath, set to hit the shelves in September. The Leviathan series is brilliant, but before that, Westerfeld was the noted author of Peeps, So Yesterday, and the Uglies trilogy.

Time to re-read the series before the movies arrive!

The Uglies trilogy is a must-read for anyone interested in dystopia, sci fi, or just young adult in general. And if you haven’t now is the time to go get your copies of Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras. Not only did they all just get a new set of covers (though I prefer the originals) but Westerfeld has recently announced on his blog that Uglies has been picked up by Lola VFX, and the series is on its way to the silver screen!

If that isn’t excitement enough, he has also revealed a little sneak peak at the new manga based on Shay, Zane and the Crims, with the first volume set to come out in May 2012. So far the artwork looks great, and hopefully everyone heads out to buy all of Scott Westerfeld’s stuff!

For more info on all of his good news, as well as cool fanart and updates on Goliath, visit the author’s website at


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