Writing Prompt #2: Pick A Color

Pick a color, any color. Got it? OK, now spell out that color down the side of a piece of paper, putting each letter on a separate line.

Before you start the actual writing portion of this exercise, think (or write down) a name that you might use for a character. Anything will work.

Now, using the first letter from the color you picked, answer question #1 below. Using the second letter, answer question #2, etc., until you’ve used up all the letters in your color.

1) What professsion/livelihood did your character want to grow up to have when they were young?

2) What is your character’s current occupation?

3) What is his/her worst fear?

4) What should your character actually be afraid of?

5) Where does your character live?

6) Where does your character wish he/she lived?

7) What is one person/thing in your character’s life that has died?

8 ) What is one person/thing in your character’s life that he/she couldn’t live without?

If you have more letters than 8 to work with, try thinking up some questions of your own that follow this haphazard pattern. With any luck, you will soon have a character with some depth and some tension in their lives. Here is the example I did:

G: Gymnast

R: Resident in assisted living

E: Eating someone else’s pills by mistake

E: Eventual onset of Alzheimer’s, which her father never revealed runs in the family, and which Katharine (the character) will soon develop.

N: Nesting Circles Assisted Living Complex, in Dallas, TX.


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